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Skill Development Sessions in Kolkata and Pune


LAABh believes in spreading knowledge through webinar sessions wherein the people can directly contact our experts and clarify their queries on their respective fields related to Law and Justice. Interactions on Career, Skill Development, Communication skills, Legal updates and the need of the people following us would be discussed through the Webinar sittings. Dates of Webinars would be updated on the Website with the comfort of the participants.

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LAABh aims to train the young minds and impart the right track for secured livelihood. Our experts would conduct online sessions on multi skills - Interviewing , GD , Presentation , Leadership , PR , Entrepreneurial and Industrial Skills, to make every individual confident for a successful future. Sessions would also be conducted if any individual or a group approaches on specific skills.

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Our experts guide the students and the aspirants to create the correct and unique ways of resume making which hold the most important place in any recruitment process. Candidates may mail their resume as draft and our experts would make necessary changes to give it a professional look. Candidates would be guided and aided with the latest updates and formats of resume and curriculum vitae.

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LAABh provides online sessions on creative writing skills, so that the students become well versed in the language they read and write. Our experts would take short online sessions on Language Skills (especially English) emphasizing on Grammar rules, story writing, long and short pieces of writing, poetry writing, novel and novella writing as well as any course related writings. Our experts would guide aspiring writers to produce masterpieces.


LAABh provides online platform to avail the benefits of Career Guidance through our experts in various fields. Our experts are easily approachable to guide the students, pass outs, job seekers, homemakers and even the drop outs to make satisfactory occupational choices. Our Experts would counsel the aspiring talents and guide them with the latest available job opportunities thus showing the right way for effective job placements.

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