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Skill Development Sessions in Kolkata and Pune


Communication is an art and the most important tool for success. Communication may be formal as well as informal; the work culture today demands the art of Professional Communication. LAABh organizes sessions and programs at various institutions/organizations independently, as well as in collaborations to train the students and employees to effectively communicate and know the skills of professional communication.

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LAABh is blessed with the best writers, authors, poets, editors, Language teachers and trainers as important members of this family. Our experts conduct Creative Writing sessions to guide the aspiring writers and poets. Various training activities on writing skills are held and the participants are taught the art of creative writing through unique and interesting activities. Our experts also train the aspiring writers to experiment their skills to get published.

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The resume or the curriculum vitae is the first step to the journey of a professional life. A resume must be in the proper format before it reaches the interviewer. Candidates must know the difference between a resume and a CV, to create a presentable Resume or CV to the applied companies. Our experts train the students, pass outs and the aspiring candidates to prepare the right, unique and presentable resumes or CVs.

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LAABh provides a platform to the young and the old to explore the unexplored, research, and share their work with the public through the seminar programs. declare the subjects & topics, to research and present them through their seminar papers. LAABh organizes events wherein the scholars can present their research papers in the highly interactive sessions with eminent personalities. The best presented papers would be published and honoured.


LAABh aims to train the young minds in various fields through various training activities to prepare the students and the aspiring candidates capable for various tough competitions to grab the right career opportunities. Our Experts conduct workshops at various levels to prepare the aspiring candidates as well as working professionals to deal with the work pressure, develop their personalities, enhance their soft skills and successfully live a stress free life. Organizations/Institutions/Schools/Colleges/Universities can contact us if they intend to hold any training programs in their respective venues, institutions or any specific planned locations. LAABh would readily extend its helping hand in bringing about a good change in the individuals, organizations and the society.

An idea of our program layout can be grasped by the following course design:-


(The course duration may change according to the situations and the need of the participants.) By - Skill Development Coach and NLP Practitioner Mousumi K Sachdeva(LAABh Expert)

Course 1: Communication skills 1: The basics (Importance)

Topics to be covered: (begin with a motivational talk)

1. Understanding the communicative environment-I
2. Understanding the communicative environment-II
3. What to listen for and why
4. When to speak and how
5. Starting and sustaining a conversation
Course 2: Communication skills 2

Topics to be covered : Personal Introduction , Presentation and interaction

1. What to present and how – I
2. What to present and how – II
3. Multimedia presentation: Understanding the basics
4. Communication styles
5. Speaking in groups
Course 3: Communication skills 3: Visual, nonverbal and aural

Topics to be covered : (listening) communication ( RESUME MAKING, INTERVIEWING SKILLS)

1. The world of visual culture
2. Visual perception
3. The aural: Its relevance and impact
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