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Laws provide the necessary guidelines for the wellbeing of every individual by protecting their rights from encroachment, thus upholding the essence of ‘Welfare State’. If only central legislations are counted, the figure will be around 1248. Nonetheless, we encounter multitudes of problems on daily basis, as a society and also as an individual.

We aim to spread the fragrance of law, to uphold the dignity of human being, to promote awareness of rights and duties of citizens, and to render social justice to the poorest of the poor.

Society is a ‘web-relationship’ and laws provide the necessary guidelines for the wellbeing of every individual by protecting their rights from encroachment, thus upholding the essence of ‘Welfare State’. Every individual and every ‘organ of society’ working in good faith like NGOs has an obligation under UDHR preamble to contribute to an atmosphere conducive to the enjoyment of fundamental freedom. If only central legislations are counted, the figure will be around 1248. Nonetheless, we encounter multitudes of problems on daily basis, as a society and also as an individual. The problems are multifaceted and singling out a reason behind all the problems will be oversimplification and also unfair, but it is certain that improper response to problems must aggravate them and cause more problems.

It is very important for the people in a Welfare State to be aware of what rights they possess. With rights come duties and with duties come responsibilities, claims, privileges, liability and immunity. Every person should be able to take cognizance of their own actions. However, the current scenarios is quite contrary. Some people lack the basic understanding of the law of the land and for some keeping abreast of the changing laws with the changing world is a big challenge. This is where LAABH comes into the centre stage. We uplift the conditions of people, who have been victims of perpetual suffering and unawareness as we know that the law supports only the vigilant and not the dormant, 'Vigilantibus Non Dormientibus Jura Subservient'.

LAABh is playing the role of good Samaritan for providing free legal aid to all the needy and the deprived people. We strongly believe that money should not be a criterion for a fair access to justice. It is a one stop destination for solution to all your legal problems. Through a user-friendly website and robust android application, LAABh assists people in a hassle-free and costless manner. We are not limited to legal aid for we know that we need a multi-layered solution for the multifaceted problems. We make people legally aware through our awareness programmes, journals, and cultural and enlightening events. We run campaigns on awareness about environmental laws as environment has become a major issue in today’s world. We also provide students an opportunity to work with us through various internship programs. LAABh promotes and propagates the idea of woman empowerment and equity for an egalitarian society. Nevertheless, we also make sure that rights of men are also protected. We have initiated a Men’s Right Movement to support all the victims of misuse of some existing laws. We also champion the cause of child rights and rights of senior citizens and vulnerable groups. We fight the social issues through PIL for seeing a positive change in a constitutional way.

LAABh aims to kindle ideas, which follow the spirit of the Constitution and promote kindness and humility towards our fellow beings, to turn every citizen into an enlightened citizen.

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We strongly believe that money should not be a criterion for a fair access to justice. In a social initiative to reach every individual requiring legal aid, especially those who cannot afford it (Daridra Narayana in Justice P. N. Bhagwati’s words), LAABh provides it free of cost through its robust website and android application. We actively participate in the Lok Adalats through our volunteer. Lok Adalats (people's courts) various disputes are settled through conciliation and compromise. According to the requirement, we also enable e-counselling by experts and down the line we are also planning to start legal aid clinics.

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It is not the constitution which has failed the people; people have failed to understand it. Law is not complex, you just need to be at the right place to understand it. We explain the law in layman’s language through our publication, website, and application that is available in android devices, this shall bolster greater awareness and consciousness in the minds and hearts of the people.


Equality of treatment is a sign of a just and a healthy society. We make women aware of the laws and the remedies they have against domestic violence, discrimination or sexual harassment at workplace. We understand education to be the key to better opportunities. Therefore, we share information and conduct informative sessions on various scholarships to educate woman and girls so that they are well conscious about what is lawfully theirs.

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It is a false notion that men are the sole reason of atrocities on women or on society. A lot has been already written and proven and we firmly believe in the idea that all men and women are created equal. As many researches and surveys suggest, number of men are victims as a result of misuse of some laws. Their rights are sometimes neglected and side-lined. Therefore, we have started a Men’s Right Movement (MRM) by helping men understanding laws better. This will help in creating an equal society.


Senior citizens are a treasure for our society, so it is our responsibility to take care of them. We literate them about their rights and provide support and help in case of any problem reported by them. As of today, a lot many senior citizens live in fear and spend a rather lonely life. The situation of our senior citizens is also creating disharmony in our society. LAABh makes sure that they are not left behind as a result of us moving forward at such a high speed and also takes effort to bring out innovative ways to keep them aware through various programs.

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53% of children in India face some form of child sexual abuse. Children who report having been sexually assaulted is 6% and the cases where the abuser was in a relationship of trust with the child is 50%. In India, a child is sexually abused every 15 minutes, according to the latest government figures. As per the national census 2011, there are close to 10.1 million child labours working in India. In our attempt to eradicate child labour and child abuse, we spread awareness about the laws dealing with crime against children. We also cater help for juvenile justice. Our children are our future and the progress of country depends on how well each child is nurtured and how well they are bestowed with proper education and general awareness about the country’s laws.


We set up camps for imparting basic legal literacy in rural areas. Camps are set up with an objective that the people in villages can resolve their conflicts amiably and prudently. We target to benefit most of the residents of a village we are camping at. Teams of students and professionals collect the data regarding problems that the residents are facing. We engage the village heads in the camps so that our volunteers get necessary support from local authorities. Once we know about the problems, our experts, senior advocates and judges impart legal aid and advice.

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Law must change with the change in the society. Law is not an antique to be taken down, dusted, admired and put back on the shelf. It is a dynamic instrument for bringing about development; the development which is not confined to economic growth, but reaches out to every human being in the country. We identify the need of intervention of courts for resolving the issues that are in public interest. We believe in resolving and taking up such issues to further the cause of justice, equity and good conscience. We do an in-depth research and then file a PIL for this purpose.


We need to protect mother earth if we wish to a happy and prosperous life. Environmental laws are being violated and abused every day, one of the instances of this is our indiscriminate ways of celebrating festivals that endangers flora and fauna and their habitat. We collaborate with NGOs and institutions already serving in this sector and help them understand the environment laws. Through online and offline campaigns, we sensitize people about importance of environment and an urgent need of its protection. Our handbooks on how companies can comply with environment laws effectively and efficiently can move the society a step closer to cleaner and greener earth.

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Families are the building blocks of the society, so stability and harmony within the families contribute to the stability and harmony in the society. Through thorough consultation and support, we try to sort out issues in marriages without for separation. The idea is to avoid breaking of relationships as happy relationships are the stepping stone to a powerful and a happy society.


In the current scenario, we find disconnect between the law and other professions. Our motive is to bridge this gap through our community outreach program. We bridge this gap by bringing people from all walks of life under the same roof in meetups and various events.

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If one wishes to touch the apex of success, one must constantly work on honing one’s skills. We help the budding lawyers as well as the aspiring children and youth in all fields of profession in developing their multi-skills, thus preparing them to qualify with the skills of professionalism for their respective jobs. We conduct various workshop programs to work on their communication skills and interview skills, providing coaching and opportunity for public speaking. If you are struggling for financial stability, our personal branding sessions can be a great deal of help for you. We also render assistance in getting a hold of English language, if language is your soft spot.


We guide students on how different fields and subjects can be chosen as a great career and a mark can be made in all these fields. Workshops and career counselling that to basic understanding about plethora of courses in this arena and various colleges providing such degrees are carried out by us. Down the line, we are also planning to provide scholarship to bright students with lesser financial resources. Students must understand the power of networking in the present era and hence we offer internship and networking opportunities on our app that is available on android devices. We also help students to build an effective CV by the experts.

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Art has power to change the world for good. We channelize this power of art and music to spread social awareness in the masses. Through our art exhibitions and music concerts, we try to connect people with social issues and our cause.


The intellectuals of the society owe a moral duty to review and redesign the law as per the changing demands of the society. Researchers can be termed true parents of modern legislation. We believe through research we can identify the root cause of any problem and move towards better solution. We can submit this data to concerned authorities for further action.

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We aim to spread a platform wherein every young and old can develop the art and interest of reading and writing.Our projects include establishmentsof libraries in the remote areas where students have no access to books. We also aim to develop the art of creative writing required in various fields right from the law documents to the fiction by providing an active channel both online and offline.