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Skill Development Sessions in Kolkata and Pune


Get involved with LAABh by volunteering and becoming an active helping member. LAABh welcomes people from all parts of the country and all walks of life to associate with us to serve the society through our various services.SIGN UP HERE For more information contact us at volunteer.laabh@gmail.com

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Assist Us

LAABh would forever be grateful to the people who would come forward to lend us helping hands for running our programs successfully and effectively. You can assist us in following ways

  • Sponsor our events
  • Donate to help the underprivileged
  • Sponsor/offer venues for programs
  • Promote our events
  • Support our cause
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Anyone can work with us hand in hand to help us accomplish our misson. Collaboration brings synergy and novel ideas. You can collaborate with us in following ways.

  • As an Expert

    Collaborate with us as an expert, share your knowledge with others, and let your expertise benifit the society through our various activities. As an expert, you can advise, suggest and help us in ideating, planning and executing various programs and events.

  • As an Organization

    Institutions, schools, colleges and organizations can collaborate with us in conducting various enlightenment, educational and awareness events and campaigns. We have a pool of experts who can help organizations in conducting training programs and aweness camps for students and professionals in their premises or under their banner.

    For all legal discussions, aid and suggestions LAABh welcomes everyone to collaborate and seek our experts’ valuable guidance and assistance.

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