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In our odyssey of building a world, which grants every individual an opportunity to live a dignified life, and where people are aware of their rights and their duties and social justice does not die in books but reaches even the poorest of the poor.

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‘Society demands responsible human to contribute effective services for its progress and growth thus gifting the social beings a healthy environment to live in.’ With this motive in view, the Concept of LAABh was introduced and The Logo was launched on 8 October 2018 by honourable Raghunath Anant Mashelkar- a renowned International Scientist, Honourable Mukta Tilak- the Mayor Pune, Dr Vinod Shah- the Chairman, Janaseva Foundation and Mr Shubham Maheshwari- the Founder of LAABh.


Laws provide the necessary guidelines for the wellbeing of every individual by protecting their rights from encroachment, thus upholding the essence of ‘Welfare State’. If only central legislations are counted, the figure will be around 1248. Nonetheless, we encounter multitudes of problems on daily basis, as a society and also as an individual. More

Founder and Co - Founder

Together we stand as the pillars of our sacred mission

Shubham Maheshwari Founder
Saurabh Godbole Co - Founder
Mousumi K Sachdeva Co - Founder


  • To promote awareness about the law of the land.
  • To enthrone justice, not ‘entangle justice’ in the net of law.
  • To promote Education and Awareness to live a dignified life.
  • To create a platform for effective and efficient medium for resolution of Disputes


  • To nurture the essence of the Justice system of the country
  • To bridge the gap between the legal fraternity and its people.
  • To reduce the burden of the judiciary and provide a platform for speedy justice.


  • To educate and train the young minds.
  • To bring social change by legal research.
  • To ensure that justice reaches everyone in need.
  • To provide social justice to the poorest of poor.
  • To provide free legal aid to poor section of the society.
  • To make the process of seeking legal remedy an easy task.
  • To develop a holistic approach towards the quest of seeking justice.
  • The achievements of a comprehensive ‘map of reality’ about inter- relations of legal and social process
  • To conduct social welfare activities like free legal aid camp & legal literacy camp.
  • To develop a platform where anyone from any part of the country can seek legal remedy by using this channel.
  • To ensure that not only professionals or complainants reap the benefits of this channel but also the youth of our nation, the students also benefit from this platform.
  • To make the students of law the worthy lawyers who are alive to the role that law plays in the social, political and economic advancement of the country.


We recognize that people are our key asset. We are committed to attract, develop, retain and manage the most creative, diligent and passionate people. After all, it’s the combined talents, skills, knowledge, experience and passion of our people that make us who we are.

A diverse team is critical to generating new ideas and inspiring innovation. Only through the power of multiple perspectives can we hope to deliver our purpose to improve people’s lives through quality solutions.

Our core values are Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, and Continued Innovation in Legal Education. We live by our values and make them the part of everything we do.

Our people exemplify the highest levels of honesty, transparency, uncompromising ethics and are committed to adopt the best practices of non-partisan, unbiased and fearless functioning.

We take pride in our selfless services, quality and calibre of our people—we are down-to-earth, friendly, humble and approachable.

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We believe in practical teaching, training and learning to lead life than rote learning.


We strongly believe that money should not be a criterion for a fair access to justice. More


It is not the constitution which has failed the people; people have failed to understand it. More


Equality of treatment is a sign of a just and a healthy society. More


It is a false notion that men are the sole reason of atrocities on women or on society. More


Senior citizens are a treasure for our society, so it is our responsibility to take care of them. More


53% of children in India face some form of child sexual abuse. More


We set up camps for imparting basic legal literacy in rural areas. More


Law must change with the change in the society. More


We need to protect mother earth if we wish to lead a happy and prosperous life. More


Families are the building blocks of the society, so stability and harmony within the families contribute to the stability and harmony in the society. More


In the current scenario, we find disconnect between the law and other professions. More


If one wishes to touch the apex of success, one must constantly work on honing one’s skills. More


Art has power to change the world for good. More


The intellectuals of the society owe a moral duty to review and redesign the law as per the changing demands of the society. More


We guide students on how different fields and subjects can be chosen as a great career and a mark can be made in all these fields. More


We aim to spread a platform wherein every young and old can develop the art and interest of reading and writing. More

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The pleasant views project our efforts to train and aware every mind to face a progressive world. We make every effort to reach every individual and every place when we are sought after for any kind of help to attain justice. We reach every corner to nourish the young minds and lead them towards the path of hard work and honesty to achieve the goals of life. A glimpse of our efforts give light to our various activities, events and programs. More

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Our efforts are paid in the best way when recognized by all. With our constant determination and hard work, we proudly declare our achievements and stand as the strong pillar to support all good cause.

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Our events are full of life with the purpose to spread awareness, educate and grow in a fun loving atmosphere. We welcome you to participate and attend the programs to grab the maximum from us. Keep following us to know the updated events.

4 july 2019

Office & Website Launch

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5 july 2019

Skill development

Skill Development Sessions in Kolkata and Pune

9284496722 , 7985322648